There is a "Carousel" dynamic widget in the "Built-in" widgets. This is the specific tutorial:

Add a Carousel

Drag out the "Carousel" widget from the "Built-in" widgets toolbar (shortcut key 1 ), the picture placeholder will automatically appear on the right setting panel, and you can choose to upload from "local upload" or "material library" by hovering on it.


Adjust the Order of the Carousel

Drag and drop pictures directly on the thumbnail to adjust the order of carousel pictures.

Set Horizontal/Vertical Scroll

You are allowed to set two scroll modes including horizontal and vertical, and the indicator point is automatically assigned to the appropriate position.

Auto-Rotate / Click to Rotate

The interval between rotations can be set under auto-rotation mode.

You can also choose to click the carousel, click the small lightning icon on the thumbnail, and set it to click the carousel to jump to other pages or other states.

Whether to Set Indicator Point and Its Color

Choose whether to display the indicator point and the color of the point

Video Tutorial for Making a Carousel