Guide:Find, View, and Manage Library

1. How to Find Resources Library

Resources Library is in the project editing area. After entering the editing area, click the "Library" button in the upper right corner to enter the material library.  

find Resources Library

When you need to use resources in Resources Library, there are two ways:  

find Resources Library

We recommend you name the components and images, which will help you find them by keyword searching.  

1. Directly select the corresponding resources in "Components" and drag a component to the canvas.  

find Resources Library

2. Select the resource in the corresponding package from "Library", and then click "Place into the canvas".  

find Resources Library

2. How to View Saved Resources

The resources you have saved in "Library" can be found in the left sidebar of Personal Space.  

View Saved Resources

3. How to Manage Resources Library

You are allowed to create, copy, move, delete components meanwhile create and delete component folders here. In addition, components can be placed on the canvas as well.

Select multiple components by holding Shift or Command/Ctrl.

My Library

My Library


A good image library is like an orderly library, which allows quick and efficient access to the material.  

Therefore, we made two small changes to this version:  

Pictures which directly uploaded to the workspace are no longer automatically added to the material library in order to avoid that too many irrelevant pictures contaminate the material library because we cannot determine whether these pictures are used only once or multiple times. While you are allowed to manually add an image you will reuse it to the material library to keep it clear.  

We recommend you create a folder first, upload images, then categorize them, and even add tags for them. (You can create folders according to projects while categorizing them according to tags. Of course, you can also categorize based on your habits.)  

Add folder/ tag  

After creating the folder, you can directly drag and drop the picture to the blank area, or click "Add image" for uploading. Currently, PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF are supported.  

After the image is selected, you can add a tag, delete, download, or move it to another folder, and put it on the canvas as well.  

Among "Image tags", you can quickly view related pictures by selecting "tags". You can delete tags by clicking "Manage".  

It can be sorted by name, size, and creation time, or in horizon and list to help you find what you need quicker  

Add folder

Batch Management

Press shift or command/ctrl to select multiple components, or you can directly click to select all to perform operations such as adding tags, moving, deleting, and placing in the drawing board.  

You are allowed to delete the folder directly.  

Batch management

Efficient Search

We recommend you to name the components and images, which will help you find them by keyword searching.  

Efficient Search

Replace Picture

In the new version, the picture replacement only applies to the current picture to avoid misoperation, instead of all places where the picture is used as in the old version.  

Replace Picture

Collaboration / Team Material

In "Collaboration / Team", you can share the image library with team members. The folder name is the same as the collaborating project.  

Upload a picture in a certain folder (project), which can be used by all collaborators of the project.  

Team Material