Guide:Create a Flowchart

A flowchart is a diagram that shows the steps of a process in sequential order. In Mockitt, you can use the Flowchart tool to sort out the logic of the process, and you can also show the interactive design.

The flowchart tool in Mockitt has a clean interface, and you can create a complete flowchart by dragging and connecting.

flowchart interface

Steps for How to Create a Flowchart

Step 1. Create a Flowchart

After you login to Mockittapp, click the "+Create" button and then choose the "Flowchart" option.

create a flowchart

Step 2. Start Drawing the Flowchart

You can simply drag the shape into the canvas.

create flowchart

You can then drag the red arrow to anywhere you like, no matter a straight line or a polyline.

how to create a flowchart

Step 3. Change the Properties of the Flowchart

  • Change the color or the theme of the flowchart.
flowchart color
  • Change the style of the shapes.
flowchart shapes
  • Change the settings for text.
flowchart settings

Step 3. Invite Your Team Members to Co-edit

You can invite your team members to co-edit the flowchart.

flowchart collaboration

Step 4. Download, Preview and Share the Flowchart

You can download, preview and share the flowchart.

flowchart share