Guide:Edit Screen Properties

Set Width & Height of Screen

After selecting the screen canvas, you can drag the end point below the canvas to lengthen the screen height. If you need to accurately set the value of the screen height, you can enter the number in the screen appearance settings on the right.

After the screen height is lengthened, the screen will scroll up and down while running.

edit screen

Set the Orientation of Screen

When the canvas is selected, you can set the canvas to a horizontal or vertical screen in the appearance setting panel on the right side.

screen properties

Note: This setting is only applied to the mobile projects. The web project defaults to a horizontal screen, no vertical screen option.

Modify Screen Name

Double click a certain screen’s name in the screen list to modify its name.

edit screen

Set Screen Background Color

After selecting the entire screen canvas, you can set the canvas background color in the appearance setting panel on the right.

screen properties

Expand and Fold Screen

Click the folder icon to add a new folder, simply drag and drop the screens into the folder.

edit screen