Guide:"PRD" Mode

About the " PRD " mode

Simply speaking, in the editing area, the elements placed outside the device frame (artboard) can also be displayed under the preview.

This mode will extend the “artboard" infinitely to a certain extent, and you can place any content you want to save in this area, including pictures, text, tables, etc.

How to use "PRD " mode

1. First, when editing the project, make normal production in the editing area of the page. Outside the page editing area, you can place the product iteration record form, product flowchart, etc.

2. After editing the project, you can share it through the upper right corner, set allowing to view "PRD " mode, and set the default preview mode to " PRD ".

prd mode

3. After setting up, you can send sharing the link of the project with other colleagues, then they are able to view the PRD contents after getting the link.

How to export PRD-mode contents

If the " PRD " mode is allowed to be viewed in the sharing settings, then PRD content outside the artboard will be exported, together with HTML export.

If you export a file in png format, “PRD content export is currently not supported.