Guide:Enterprise Permissions

Enterprise Permissions

  • Owner: The ONLY creator of the enterprise space: allowed to view all projects, manage all enterprise members
  • Admin:Appointed by enterprise space owner: allowed to add/remove enterprise member(s)
  • Member: allowed to create or join in the project(s)/folder(s) for collaboration

Team Permissions

  • Owner: The ONLY administrator of the folder(s), allowed to manage folder(s) as well as projects in folder(s), including adding/delete/editing.
  • Member: allowed to create a project(s), add/delete members in the folder except for the owner of the folder.

Project Permissions

  • Folder Creator: The folder creator has the same permissions as the project creator does (projects are belonging in the folder). If the project were removed from the folder, the folder creator would lose permission of project management.
  • Project Creator: The ONLY admin of the project, has permissions of project management, including adding/delete/editing.
  • Allowed to edit: allowed to edit project(s)/share settings, and add/delete project members except for the creator.
  • View Only: allowed to view project.

*Project permission(s) should be set separately, or synchronized from a folder(s) with one-click.

Permission to Transfer Project

  • Enterprise members are allowed to duplicate enterprise project(s) to Personal Space
  • Please note your enterprise data security

Transferring Ownership

  • Once the ownership of the enterprise is transferred, the enterprise owner will become a member, losing all administration permissions.
  • Please change the Owner in "Member List".

Delete Enterprise Space

  • You are allowed to delete the enterprise space upon expiration.