How to Build a Website From Scratch - Step by Step Guide

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:34

Making a website from scratch isn't the big thing these days, especially if we talk about modern online website maker tools. But for some people, it can be challenging. Most of them don't even know which tools they should use to build a website. The reason behind this, people don't know that making a website from scratch isn't the problem now.

All they just know that they can't build a website of their own. They are afraid of coding, and that's the truth. In this article, we're building a website from scratch, so the beginner would understand that making a website for yourself isn't so tough enough.

To do so, you've to follow the instructions that we're going to show you in this article.

How To Build A Website From Scratch

Let assume you want to build a website for your business. And you don't have enough budget going for professional designers or developers—all you want to create a website from scratch. Is this even possible to create your own website without knowing to code? Well, the good news is, you can build a website of your own with a low budget of course.

But, first, you have you learn how online website builders work. Which website builder is best and which prototyping tool is perfect for designing your website?

Here are the steps you should follow to build a website from scratch:

1. Get Hosting & Domain

This is just the beginning of the building of the website. No matter which technique you try, selecting a hosting service and a domain is mandatory. Your website needs to store files on webservers and make storage space for your website and gives access to the online world. Whereas, the domain name is the name or address of your website that helps people navigate to your website.

Now, the question is which hosting service providers are best for your business. There are lots of web hosting service providers available. Some famous and most popular hosting service providers are as follows:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Siteground
  3. Hostinger
  4. HostGator
  5. GoDaddy

Well, these were top hosting provider for building a website from scratch. All mentioned providers offer free domain registration for the first purchasing of hosting. Plus, remember one thing, always try to use those hosting plans which support domain registration. Domain name registration and hosting service must be the same service provider, so you don't have to worry about other sites.

2. Select Site Building Model

Usually, there are three ways to build a website. Each method is different from others if you're a beginner and wanted to build a website for yourself using any of the online website builder, which we mentioned above. Or if you have somewhat knowledge of website development, you can use CMS (content management system), or you could use WordPress to build a website.

And the last one you wouldn't like as a beginner, you can start building a website from scratch by coding until your website ready to live.

3. Start Building Website via Website Builder

Well, we're only cover the Website builder tool to build a website because we're only creating a guideline for beginners. It's the best way to create a website from scratch without knowing the code. All you have to do is just drag and drop the element to shape your design. The rest of the work(coding) will be done by the providers. It's an easy way to design your website, or you can use pre-designed templates or themes for your design. With pre-designed templates with just modifications, you can make your website more professional.

It also provides a good user experience for new developers. But using free themes and templates for your website can be harmful to you. You can use pre-designed templates until you don't have any private content, restricted from everyone. Third-party organizations design free templates, using their themes means, you have to give access to your content.

Therefore, we'd recommend you to design website content by yourself. Designing a website isn't complicated if you're using the right prototyping tool. Before going to the site builder to design your website, we recommend using Wondershare Mockitt software to design your website. It's a perfect tool for graphic designing purposes.

Just like any other prototyping tool, the purpose of Mockitt is to create website designs. Mockitt is not only limited to designing a website, but you can use it for other graphic designing purposes such as creating infographics, business cards, and logo designing. Wondershare Mockitt has outstanding features that can enhance your creativity in designing.

We've tried many prototyping tools for creating website designs, but our designers loved to work with Mockitt if you're wondering, how Mockitt can help you to create fantastic website designs. Don't worry; we're going to reveal the incredible features of Mockitt.

site build

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Here are some essential features that can be a massive part of designing a website:

1. Cloud Collaboration

With the help of cloud collaboration, you can maximize the productivity and efficiency of your web design. Mockitt provides excellent cooperation so you can communicate with your team members easily. Mockitt is also the best prototyping tool to work with a team.

2. No Need to Install

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping tool; everything you do for designing is available online. All you have to do is just log in to the official site of Mockitt to use the fantastic features of Mockitt.

3. Social Sharing

Mockitt allows its users to use one-click social media sharing you can able to share your design to the outside world. You can improve your designing experience by receiving feedbacks from top-quality designers.

So, these were some website builders to build a website from scratch. We've gone through every crucial step that is a must thing while making a website. We've also discussed how important it is to create a prototype for a website before going to the site builder. This is the only way to develop an impactable and user-friendly design that forces the visitors to revisit your website. To make this possible, you have to use Wondershare Mokcitt for a better user experience.