Free Hosting: All You Need to Know About The Utility And Service Providers

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:51:07

The idea of free hosting can be very intriguing when you are in dire need of a website for your projects, but budget constraints come along the way.

You may come across many companies that claim to offer free web hosting and domain, but why are they doing it – is it even worth your time to go with these options?

This article discussed the scenarios in which you might benefit from these free resources and listed down those service providers which you can consider to get free resources.

Limitations of Free Hosting Services

You may experience more downtime, even with the best free services provider. These service providers usually place restrictions on bandwidth and storage – which may limit the potential of your Site's growth in terms of organic traffic and page loading speed.

So, if you plan to have a test website for experimental purposes, these free hosting resources might benefit you if you do not want to spend a single penny. However, for a professional brand, it is not recommended to even think about it.

If you take your business seriously and want to grow, you can start with the cheapest shared hosting plan, and over time, if you feel like upgrading, you can do it without hassle.

But for now, let's start reviewing those options with which you can enjoy free hosting.

1. InfinityFree

You can sign up and get free services without any time limit. The account can be created within a few minutes. One can connect their domain name with InfinityFree – they do not provide domain registration services. InfinityFree claims to have more than 350,000 users.

On free web hosting WordPress can be installed with only a few clicks using Softaculous Script Installer.

It provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 10 Email accounts, free subdomains, SSL on your domain, and DNS service with its freemium plan.

400 MySQL Databases, MySQL 5.6, PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.4 also comes under its freemium plan.

free hosting

Source: InfinityFree

2. 000WebHost

Hostinger provides free web hosting under the name of 000WebHost.It has millions of users and has been providing services for almost ten years. Its freemium plans allow you to have one website, 300 MB disk space and limited bandwidth of 3GB. You can register yourself with Facebook and Google. Furthermore, you will get Full PHP and MySQL database support. There will be no Ads for your visitors to see on your Site but only on your WordPress Dashboard.

You will not get an SSL certificate and also no subdomains and email accounts.

With Zyro website builder, you can design your WebSite easily. You will get admin details of cPanel to access your Web hosting account.

free web hosting and domain

Source: 000WebHost

3. Byet Hostt

It is the part of US-based hosting provider named Bye Internet. It provides 5GB Disk space, FTP account and File Manager.

You can avail up to 5 email accounts and unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Users will also get MySQL / PHP Compatibility. Its 24*7 support is commendable.

You can check Daily hit and bandwidth usage stats.

Byethost claims to have the most powerful network when it comes to providing dedicated free hosting services worldwide.

free hosting wordpress

Source: Byethost

4. Googiehost

This platform provides Cloudfare and cPanel. You can get disk space up to 1 GB and one domain hosting and two subdomains. You can have up to 2 Email, FTP accounts along with 2 MySQL databases.

It has a self-backup feature as well, and it states that they won't place any Ads on user's website – the user is allowed to monetize own website.

With their Site. Pro website builder, one can create a website without coding knowledge. You can also download their HTML Templates and after editing can re-upload them.

With Googiehost's free hosting WordPress and Joomla can be installed using Softaculous Auto Installer.

They provide ticket support feature to assist their customer, and they have a plan to launch chat soon.

free hosting and domain for wordpress

Source: Googiehost

5. FreeHostingNoAds

As the name suggests, they provide free hosting without adverts. They give you a disk space of 1GB and 1 Email account to start with your freemium plan. 5 GB Bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, Instant activation and free App installer are a few prominent features which this platform offers.

You can have up to 3 subdomains and 1 FTP account. If you can purchase your domain, you can setup free hosting and domain for WordPress with Apps installer.

Avail 1 MySQL (v.5) Database for free with 30 MB storage.

free hosting

Source: FreeHostingNoAds

6. FreeWebHostingArea

The most striking feature of this platform is that they give you a disk space of 1.5 GB and 3 MySQL databases. You can have one domain with unlimited bandwidth. 1 FTP account but not a single email and subdomain, you will get.

FreeWebHostingArea is being maintained by volunteers. They won't place Ads on new sites. Daily and weekly backups are provided.

They are operating since 2005 and assure their visitors for good service. They provide email support, as well.

free web hosting and domain

Source: FreeWebHostingArea

We have shortlisted and discussed six of the free Web hosting service providers While they offer some great features for free but bear in mind that there is no such thing "Excellent Free web Hosting" – it's a tradeoff.

We leave this decision up to you if you want to go with any of the free web hosting services or not, but we have one recommendation if you wish to have your web development journey be fruitful and risk-free.

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Of course, the paid version gives you more freedom to exercise your creative muscles so if you think you start liking Mockitt after trying its free version, which we sure you'd - you can always upgrade your plan with no hidden charges.

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