How Can You Get a WordPress Site Build With a Free Page Builder Plugin?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

When someone decides to create a new website for a business, their mind generates several queries regarding a domain name, platform, and hosting. Since there are many ways to get your site build, we often get confused during our tool's selection phase. Which content management system should we select? Which hosting service provider would give us stable services, and which hosting plan should we look for as a beginner?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss everything about it and whether you need eCommerce web developers or not.

WordPress as a CMS is recognized as the best site to build a website by many professionals. While WordPress offers a complete solution for developers, it does not have the best editor.

In the last update, WordPress 5.0 introduced its new default editor under Gutenberg's name in 2018, which is free to use. Gutenberg has replaced the previous classic WordPress editor and was supposed to replace WordPress page builder plugins such as Elementor, Themify, and Beaver. Gutenberg is also known as a block editor because it utilizes blocks to arrange and add content elements for pages and posts.

Although Gutenberg is a default editor of WordPress and is free to use, it doesn't have impressive features as third-party website builders like Elementor, Themify, and Beaver Builder Lite has. So, one cannot call it the best site builder, at least not yet.

Build Free Site With WordPress Page Builder Plugins

One can build site free of cost (For Domain and Hosting, one has to pay) using WordPress page builder plugins. But what is a page builder plugin, and how are they different from Gutenberg?

With drag and drop features, you can use WordPress page builder plugins to build site as per your desired requirements—the best site builder list comprises Elementor (with starter templates), Themify, and beaver Builder Lite. There are various other builders, but they are not comparatively more powerful than what we have already mentioned.

With ready-made templates, one can create their website hassle-free in no time. You are not required to write any code to create and edit your website layout. One can get a site build by using drag and drop page builder plugins, and that too for free.

From onwards, we shall discuss a few best site builder plugins that you can use free of cost to design your website.


With 5+ million active installations, Elementor is one of the most popular and user-friendly free Page builder plugins. You can witness live editing while creating and selecting various sections.

With the starter templates plugin, you can insert ready to use templates and edit the content as per your tailored requirements. There are many elements that you can drag and drop into pre-designed templates.

Theme style allows you to edit the settings for typography, buttons, and images. Set your global fonts under site settings as primary, secondary, or whatever name you want to give to your selected font; customization options are endless.

Elementor comes as a freemium and as well as a premium tool.


A famous WordPress page builder with various ready to use modules. With more than 40 pre-designed plugins, you can customize your website as per your requirements. Using one click, you can import your desired layout and edit from your admin area and the live site area.

Live editing allows you to see the changes which you are incorporating into your design.

Beaver Builder Lite

A free version of Beaver builder can be used to build free site with minimum features. Yes, you heard it right. While it is a free tool, but in comparison to Elementor, it has limited tools.

If you are aiming to build a basic level website, you can go with beaver builder. There are some excellent traits attached to it, including sleek and straightforward design and easy navigation. It facilitates more than 300,000 websites, so getting an answer to your queries on forum websites would not be a problem.

We have discussed a few free page builder tools you can utilize to make your work easier and impressive. However, not everyone stands equal. Among all of the tools, Elementor is packed with some fantastic options which you do not want to miss while you build site free from trouble.

Point to Ponder

Before you proceed to get your site build by any of your chosen page builder tools, it is imperative to discuss why you should not just start using these tools right away. Website building is a time-taking process that can become a complex one if you are not ready and have not decided what you want to make and how you want your design to be embedded in a website. You can not just start using these page builder plugins; start experimenting and hoping that you would create an impressive design out of it. It doesn't work like that. There's more to it.

Pre-requisites Before Using Page Builders

Designing is an art, and it requires a lot of brainstorming and idea generation. There is a likelihood that you get impressed by a design idea one day and another day, you might want to change it. If you have not finalized a design with all of your stakeholders before designing a website, you can encounter some unwanted concerns. To avoid such situations, you would require a Design prototype. Wondershare Mockitt is a prototype and collaboration tool that helps you create your website design prototype and get that design to finalize with all of your stakeholders with live collaboration.

site build

With Mockitt, you can

  • Find your design issues at an earlier stage
  • Iterate quickly on the design concept
  • Quickly compare variations in designs
  • Get feedback from your stakeholders in a better way
  • Use your design in your presentations to convince your potential customer
  • Perform user testing on an earlier phase of a project

With a user-friendly interface, you would want to create a couple of designs on Mockitt. It attracts a user with its uncluttered look, and not only that, Mockitt has the power to spark the creativity in you. When you start designing a prototype in Mockitt, you will be looking at its impressive library of widgets and icons. These widgets and icons would give you various ideas to exercise your creativity in your design prototype.

That's the best part when software can inspire your design thoughts and creativity with its various elements. Mockitt is a web-based tool, so stop worrying about using it only on one screen. You can use it on multiple screens, on your official laptop, and home workstation. It's a hand down one of the best prototyping tools.

Before deciding between various page builders, install Mockitt with a single email and get right into the process of designing prototypes.