How to Build an HTML Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:51:11

Creating a website is one of the best ways you can go on to start your online business. Millions of businesses are working online. Long story short, everyone can build a website but the approach of everyone might be different. Some of you might be feeling confused, no need to because we got you covered. Either you build an HTML website or work with any CMS some steps will never change. We'll go through all steps you need to follow to make a website with HTML. 

Core Steps To Build an HTML Website

We'll go through the main process you need to follow to create an HTML website. Every step to make a website with HTML would be easy for every one of you. Let's have a look at the method to create an HTML website.

1- Register Domain

Either you go for the HTML website creator method or use any CMS, registering a domain would be required in every approach. You can visit any domain registrar site like GoDaddy, NameCheap, and other well-reputed companies.

2- Buy Web Hosting

If you are planning to go with HTML code to create a website or any CMS, buying the hosting storage for your site. In order to host your website live on the server, you are required to buy any hosting plan from a web hosting company. There are many hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, NameCheap, etc.

These two steps of registering a domain name and buying hosting would only cost you just a little amount. As stated earlier, you'd have to go through these 2 steps must either you work with an HTML website creator or any CMS.

3- Design HTML Website

This step further contains a few sub-steps you would have to follow to create an HTML website. Let's start following those sub-steps.

1- Set up a Local Site Working Environment

Before you start setting up an environment, you must be familiar with the following languages.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web Scripting Languages
  • Database Management
  • FTP

In order to start working on HTML code to create a website, you'd have to start with any IDE editor. There are many IDEs available online, you can download any as per your preferences. Sublime and Atom IDEs are getting used by many on a daily basis, but you can also use Adobe Dreamweaver HTML website creator.

2- Design a Website using Wondershare Mockitt

You just can't start working directly on HTML code to create a website if you don't have any website site design. In simple words, you can't build any website using an HTML website creator without following the design. We would suggest you start working on Wondershare Mockitt to create a prototype design for your website. Using this UX app is way easy and simple to work on for an intuitive and eye-catching website design. Lots of brilliant and professional designing elements have been offered in this UX prototype app. In fact, this application allows you to create a clickable mockup design for your website.

As you are going to create an HTML website, you'd get hands-on coding stuff. The best feature about Mockitt is the 'Handoff' feature, it allows you to hand over site designer to developers. This feature lets the designer generate code across the prototype in CSS or any preferred language as per requirements. You can perform interactive prototype linking in between screens and widgets on your website mockup. Wondershare Mockitt is a versatile designing app that can be also used to create a prototype of almost every platform like TV, Web, Mobile, etc. Suggesting the use of Wondershare Mockitt to all beginner UX designers otherwise, you can also use Adobe XD, a professional prototype software. So, if you want to build an HTML website, it is recommended to make a prototype design of the website first for your own ease.

build an html website

3- Code Your Website Design Using HTML and CSS

Finally, it's time to work on CSS and HTML code to create a website that you have recently designed on Mockitt or any other UX app. Start coding the whole website based on the prototype design using any HTML website creator either Adobe Dreamweaver or any other.

4- Make Your Website Dynamic

You can't stay dependent on HTML and CSS only, you would have to rely on other scripting languages like jQuery and JavaScript. You can use these languages to control logins, menus, and many other functions to build an HTML website on a professional level.

5- Use FTP Client To Upload Files to Server

After designing and coding stuff, you would have to upload your website onto the server. In order to do so, you need to download the FTP client first on your computer. You can download any FTP client like FileZilla or any other, connect it to the webserver using your FTP account. Copy all your website files and add them to the root of the webserver directory. That's it.

This was the whole process that you need to follow to make a website with HTML. Every step holds importance and you can't ignore any step. You can also watch tutorials to make a website with HTML, but the process throughout will be the same.


After going through the whole guide, we got to know the process to build an HTML website without using the CMS approach. Firstly, we got to know that registering a domain name and buying a hosting plan is the same and required always to make your website live. Further on, we have reviewed Wondershare Mockitt, a convenient UX prototype app many beginners and professionals using on a daily basis. We have suggested HTML website creator IDEs like Sublime, Atom, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. We've realized that you would have to use other scripting languages like jQuery and JavaScript because you can't totally rely on HTML and CSS. The whole process to make a website with HTML is not that complex or critical as many think so. All you have to do is to follow the right direction, go through the required steps, follow the instructions and you are good to go.