How to Create a Portfolio Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Creating a portfolio website is one of the best ways to set up your online profile. No matter which business or brand you run, you can establish your online appearance. There are many opportunities to grown yourself and your business online if you have your own website. On the internet, you get to reach a wider audience as compared to local businesses. So, how to create a portfolio website by following easy steps? Every one of you is looking forward to making a portfolio website without getting into any complexities or issues. No need to worry because we are going to follow all steps one needs to follow to make a website for yourself.

Easy Steps to Create a Portfolio Website

Making a portfolio website might sound very difficult for many of you but it's way simple than your expectations. We'll go through the overall main process one has to follow to build a portfolio website of anything like photography, business, or anything.

1- Buy Website Domain Name

It all starts with buying a site domain name. You can't create a portfolio website or any other if you won't own a custom domain name. In order to buy the domain name, you'd have to find a reliable domain registrar company or any web hosting company. Websites like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. are recommended for you to buy a domain name.

2- Choose Hosting Plan

Like a domain name, a hosting plan also holds importance when you build a portfolio website or any other site. In order to host your site on a dedicated or shared server, you'd need hosting storage to go your site live. It's a matter of making a portfolio website, so better decide the right domain name and hosting as per your requirements. You can buy a hosting plan from any web hosting site like Bluehost, NameCheap, etc.

3- Choose Website Maker

Either it's a developer portfolio website or any other, you'd have to use a reliable and professional website builder to build a portfolio website. The website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and others have made the whole process of making a portfolio website or any other very easy. Most probably you'd not have to go through complex coding stuff when using any website builder to create a portfolio website.

4- Customize Your Portfolio Website

No matter which website builder you choose to build a developer portfolio website, photography one, or any other. What matters is that every site builder comes along with lots of themes and components you can use to decorate your website. Especially, when you are going to build a portfolio website, you'd have to add attraction and style to your site to attract visitors.

5- Content and Optimization

If you are going to make a developer portfolio website, business, services site, or any other, the content matters a lot. The more user-engaging and attractive content you'd put on your site more chances to generate sales or attract customers. Also, make sure that your website and the posted content is optimized according to SEO.

These were the 5 basic core steps you need to follow if you are going to create a portfolio website for yourself. Well, some of you might face issues when it comes to customization phases while making a portfolio website. Things would become easier if you make a prototype design before you come to build a portfolio website. There are many website prototyping apps available that you can use but we'll review the easier one as many of you are new to UX website prototyping.

Wondershare Mockitt - Easy Website Prototype Designing App

Wondershare Mockitt is such a smart and easy website prototyping tool millions of designers are working on. This app is welcoming enough for every beginner to start a prototype project and design anything as per requirements. From the use of elements to interactive prototype linking, everything can be done in this app with such ease and seamless workflow. Lots of brilliant UX elements have been provided in the form of a menu to let users drag and drop any into the canvas. The user experience on this UX app is worth appreciating, many beginners and professionals are using this app on a daily basis.

Furthermore, if we talk about what can be designed using Mockitt? You can literally design the mockup design of every platform. Looking for designing the apps for Android or iOS platform? Wondershare Mockitt. This app provides very good support for developers because as a designer you can handover your prototype project to the developer. Its handoff feature generates code automatically in any preferred language like CSS, etc. Also, you can export your prototype design project for other team members to view. All you have to do is to generate a simple link or QR code in the preview mode. You can visit the Mockitt website to go through more information and the process of using this UX app.

create a portfolio website


After going through the whole guide, we got familiar with the process we need to follow to create a portfolio website. We came to know that you can't build a portfolio website if you don't have a domain name and hosting to host your website. Either it's photography, business, services, or a developer portfolio website, you would have to go through the same process. Every step is way important to follow for building a professional website for yourself. We have realized that making a website is not critical or complex like before, today people using website builders to set up their businesses online. You can use any like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.

We've also gone through the role of website prototyping to know why it is important to have a prototype design for your website before you go for website making. We've reviewed the Wondershare Mockitt app, the reason for recommending this UX app is that it is also suitable for beginners as well. So, every one of you can create your own portfolio website if you follow the right process with a smart site builder.

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