How to Create a Web Page? – For Beginners

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:51

Creating a web page is not a trouble anymore. No matter whatever your background is, you can easily create a web page on your own. There is no need to learn programming languages and have years of experience. All you need is a website builder that can build the web page you want. A website builder empowers you to create a web page without any coding or experience. Businessmen, beginners, and people who want to have their own website can create a web page with ease.

Today, we will guide you on how to create a web page without coding. Many people get confused about whether they need to create a web page in HTML or not, so we will also solve this query. Let's start the discussion.

Do You Need to Create a Web Page in HTML?

You might hear the names of different languages for website development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Let's have a look at all these so that you can understand whether you need to learn these or not.

HTML is a markup language that is necessary to create the structure of a web page. CSS is used for the styling of the website, and JavaScript is to add the functionality to the website. Suppose you are building a house, the structure of the house that includes pillars, walls, beams, and other things are HTML. The decoration, coloring, and other styling is CSS, while the functionality of the house, such as when you press the button, the light turns on, is JavaScript.

All these languages work together to create a web page/website that you need. If there is no CSS, your web page will not look great, and if there is no JavaScript, your website will not function. The most important one is HTML because, without it, you cannot create a web page. In simple words, you need all these to create a website. But the question is, do you really need to learn these?

The simple answer is NO. You don't need to learn any language because a website builder takes care of all these things on its own. In a website builder, you need to create a website using drag and drop; however, at the backend, the website builder handles these languages. So, you don't need to specifically create a web page in HTML because it can be done using a website builder.

How to Create a Web Page/Website Without Coding?

1) Select a Domain Name

The first step towards creating a web page or website is selecting a domain name. If you already have a domain name, you can skip this step. You need to think of some ideas related to your domain name. Check the availability of those names and pick the appropriate one for your business.

2) Design Your Web Page

This is a very important step that most beginners avoid. Designing a website is essential because it ensures the functionality of the website. If you have not designed your website/web page, it will have hundreds of errors, warnings, bugs, and flaws. So, you need to design your website first so that your website can perform well once you publish it.

Website designing helps you to be creative. You can design a web page/website of your linking without any worries. If you have not designed your website earlier and you are directly using a website builder, you will need more time to create the web page. But if your design is ready before using a website builder, you can directly implement the design using the website builder.

You need a prototyping tool to design a web page/website. We recommend Wondershare Mockitt for it. Mockitt is an excellent tool for prototyping websites. It is a high-fidelity tool that can create a design like a real website. You can also test the design using the live preview.

Designing with Mockitt is quite easy. You only need to drag and drop the required items to the canvas. Once your design is ready, you can test it. You can also collaborate with your teammates. There is a free version available, which is suitable for small websites up to 25 pages. You can try it, and if you need to design a large website, you can use the premium plan. Moreover, you can create web page online using Mockitt web-based tool; there is no need to download anything.

create a web page

3) Choose a Website Builder

Once your design is ready, it is time to pick an appropriate website builder. There are dozens of website builders in the market, but you need to pick the one that is according to your business. If you are going to set up an online store, you need to focus on the website builder that is suitable for online stores, such as Shopify and Wix. For blogging, you can select any CMS, such as WordPress, and design your web pages using a web page builder, customizable theme, or plugin.

After researching, select the best website builder according to your needs. You need to check the tools, services, and every feature the website builder offers. Choose an appropriate plan according to the size of your website or business.

4) Choose a Template and Customize It

The next step is choosing a template/theme. There are many templates available on website builders. So, you need to pick an appropriate one. After choosing the template, you need to customize it. The templates are customizable. You can edit text, images, forms, navigations, colors, or anything you like. You have designed your website with Mockitt, so it will be easy for you to replicate the same design. Your website/web page will be functional and appealing.

5) Test and Publish

The last step to create a web page/website is testing. You need to check everything before you publish the site. In many website builders, you need to connect the domain at the last step. So, if that is the case, connect your domain and publish your website/web page.

These were the simple steps that can help you create a web page without the need for HTML or any other coding. Even if you are a beginner, you can follow the steps and create a web page of your choice.