Create a Website Design Prototype and Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

While finding ways to market your business, the point where you create a website is the essential one. The idea is to engage website visitors with a captivating design using a combination of theme, mix and match colors, widgets, and icons. Anyone who has achieved the triumph can perceive the notion of enhancing the reach with an appealing website design.

Before you start developing a website, you need to have a design prototype in your hand. Because that design prototype will assist you throughout your web development journey, you will be one step ahead of your competition because not many of your competitors will create a prototype.

The better web design shows the commitment of the team towards quality services. This step is possible by first building a prototype and then moving forward with the selected plan. You have the idea in your head, but putting it outside to developers is a challenge for many designers.

Many questions come out of the mind.

Is the design well enough to be approved?

You can never insignificantly or directly build a website; making a prototype is necessary.

There is systematic and coherent prototype web design software called Wondershare Mockitt, which eases down your stress, giving everything at the touch of your finger if you want to create a website.

But what is a prototype in web design?

Before we dig deep into the topic, we should understand the term "prototype in web design." Consider an Architect who makes the measurements and sketch the basic design for a house plan. And then transfer that rough idea into one of the software. It will help an Architect show that design idea to the construction workers to follow that plan to build a home. The same is the case in web development.

The sketch of the house is a prototype built by the Architect. It is the construction plan of what the Architect thinks will work out the best.

The same goes for the prototype of web design

The prototype designer will first choose a user-friendly software such as Mockitt, visualize the business owner's requirements (Who gave the project of web development), and then put forward a combination of various widgets, icons, and other elements to make a clickable prototype. It is imperative to keep the owner's idea as a preference and navigate the plan as per the business requirements.

create a website

Hopping directly into website development and then making changes, again and again, will ruin the central concept. Before you create a website, build a prototype to lower the chances of mistakes and save time.

How to stay ahead of the competition?

It's crucial to identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses if you want to take the lead. You may perform a SWOT analysis and can check out their websites.

Various platforms and forums can help you in gauging; how the particular visitors of your competitor's website are behaving. What do they like about their websites, and in what departments, they need an improvement?

The number of visitors on your competitor's website can be checked through various software. So, use that information wisely and design your website prototype by keeping all that information under consideration.

Explore New Creative Dimensions

If you are looking to stay ahead in the competition, it doesn't matter if you want to create simple website or a feature-filled one; what matters is how easily your visitor can navigate throughout your website. And to ensure the user-friendliness feature of your website, Mockitt will help you design interactive prototypes and link them together to get a feel of an original website. Use navigation buttons to create a menu and see if that works for you.

Without a prototype, it's just an unregulated vision and merely a desire to make something that MIGHT get attention.

If someone approaches you for guidance and says," I want to create a website for my business," the best advice you can give is to tell them about prototyping software. Since Mockitt is user-friendly, interactive, full of features, and having a couple of sharing options, that is the best software for your design solutions.

It may work with just a simple sketch, but it will take no time with a collaborative tool like Mockitt.

Reducing Development Time

Prototypes will facilitate you to make changes again and again without affecting the domain or HTML coding. It will give you an edge over that competitor who's just wasting a lot of time by making a rough sketch instead of using a useful tool such as Mockitt

Iterate Quickly on Design and Create Own Website Free of cost

If you are not sure to purchase a paid software, Mockitt has a freemium plan as well. Once you start loving it, you can easily upgrade to a premium plan as per your requirements. So technically, with a free version of Mockitt and free website builders, you can create simple website free of cost. Keep on prototyping as there is no limit to a creativity

Before you purchase a free domain website create a prototype to stay ahead in your designing career.

Analyze, improve, and keep rotating this cycle until you find that design idea that has the power to create magic when it gets live onto your website.

What will happen if you don't create a web design prototype?

A website without a prototype is like a bicycle without a punctured wheel. It might take you a little far, but eventually, you have to refer back and address the problem.

Without the prototype, the designers and developers won't understand the approach. If they come across to create a website for your business without a design prototype, imagine how this shallowness will show on your website, which would repel your website visitors.

Prototypes help you visualize, and without visualization, there is no guarantee of achievement.Whether you want to create own website free of cost or with any paid software, Prototype designing will take you places. Know your customers, learn from the mistakes of your competitors, and avail the opportunity.

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