How to Write a Compelling Website Copy for Your Business

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:45:53

One of the best ways to get sales quickly using your website is to write a killer website copy. A web copy can be defined as ads, posts on social media, and other forms of advertisement to grab the attention of the audience and encourage them to click the call to action button so you can get a sale. 

It is very important to focus your attention on a web copy as they are different compared to ads in a newspaper. People view a website from different devices which means you have to work on the copy on all different devices to make it stand out from your competitor. 

How to Write Website Copy Pages

1. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The first thing that you would need to work on is the headlines of your website copy. It is the first thing that an audience would notice. After landing on your website the most important thing that decides whether they would stay on your website is the headlines.

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To make your headline irresistible you should make sure that you create a sense of urgency. It is observed that the headlines that are very specific often grabs the attention of the right customer.

2. Focus On The Benefits, Not The Features

One of the common web copywriting mistakes that you can find on many websites is that they keep going on about the features of their products. It is more effective when you can list the benefits that the customers would get using your products.

Most people even do not care about how good your products are. They mostly care about what the product can do for them. Show them how they can use your product to solve the problems that your customer faces which the customers can relate to. 

3. Establish Trust

It is very important to establish trust whether you are selling online or offline. It is not a good idea to write long pages about the history of the company when it comes to website copywriting. A web copy is meant to be small and precise so you can grab the attention of the impatient audience.  

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You can make use of reviews to get the trust of people. Your audience would value the opinion of a customer more than anything else before buying anything from you. A short introduction of your company is a good idea in your web copy so the audience can trust your company. 

4. Get Familiar With Customer Lingo

To be able to sell to your customers you must be able to speak in their language. A good website copy doesn't need to be very well written. It is more about how much it connects with your audience. A web copywriter is not a poet who needs to write complex words that most people won't even understand. 

To get familiar with how people are talking about a particular subject you can Google that keyword and read posts about them in Quora to know how people are talking about it. 

5. Focus On User Intent

User intent can be defined as the immediate action that a user is more likely to take after visiting your website. You should have a clear goal in mind on what user intent you should focus on. It can be to raise awareness, increase brand value, or simply just to sell your products to the user.

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It is not possible to target all the user intents but you definitely should try. When a user sees your website copy online and they take the action you want them to take is how you can determine the success of your website copy.

6. Use Data To Get More Sales

The best way to make a web copy compelling is to back it up with data and statistics. Numbers don't lie and when you can prove to your audience with facts and figures that your claims are right, they are more likely to click on the call to action button. 

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It is important to present the data and figures in an appealing way that your audience can digest easily. Often complex statistics fail to convey the message to your audience. 

Best Way to Design Your Website Copy Pages

The design of your website copy is very important to get sales. It is a good idea to use Wondershare Mockitt to design your web pages for your copy. Mockitt lets you design and also test out the user experience so you can finally build a fully functional website copy.

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You would get a free trial offer when you would use Mockitt which makes it risk-free. There are other similar prototyping too like Sketch and Figma, but with Mockitt you get to make complex designs easily.

With Mockitt you get an arsenal of elements that you can use to design your website copy. You can test the page on various screens and see how responsive it is for other devices as well. You can make the elements interactive and design your landing page, your bridge page, and finally your sales page.

You can export the design you made in popular formats. After exporting the designs you can create a poll and ask people to vote on multiple designs to get more opinions. It can save you a lot of money by not having to do split testing on an actual website copy.

You can add more than one designers to work as a team in Mockitt. It is possible to have a seamless work environment for all your designers when you are using Mockitt.


Copywriting is one of the highest-paid professions in the online industry today. This is because a perfect website copy can drive sales very quickly for your business. Focusing on how to make your web copy perfect is crucial for the growth of your business.

It is essential to know what elements make a perfect copy before starting to make a web copy for your business. After identifying all the ingredients you can start working on making the perfect website copy.