How to Develop a Website [2024 Latest]

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:14

Despite all the bad things that happened in 2022, it was overall a great year for website design and development. No matter what type of website you want to develop, but utilising the right set of tools will make it a piece of cake. This article is for all those people who don't know how to develop a website. However, before discussing the steps to develop a website, it is a must to go into website prototyping. Why? Well, website prototyping gives you an idea of how the actual website will look like when it goes live. That's why it has to be done before website development.

Website Prototyping: Why & How

As we have discussed above, the website prototyping is about designing the website without actually developing it. The most important question that comes to mind when we hear this is 'How to do it then?' Well, it's simple and not so simple depending upon the tools and resources that you have. For efficient web designing, I, personally, use Wondershare Mockitt. Not only you can use it on Windows and ubuntu, but it can also be used with Mac operating system. Moreover, if you are a professional website designer, you can share your work with stakeholders in real time. This will not only resolve the issue of communication gap but it will also be time efficient. Its compatibility with different operating systems allows it to share with other key stakeholders with ease.

You may think that these are pretty impressive features but is it worth it to use this website for only these features. Here you are wrong and you know why? Because these are not even half of the features for which this website is famous. Wondershare Mockitt supports drag and drop feature which saves time and we all know that in today's fast world time is the asset.

Tons of libraries, themes and templates with the option of customized design! It is truly a designer's dream. On top of it, all these options can be accessed in the free version.

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After completing and approving the website prototype, it's time for developing a website from scratch.

Steps to Develop a Website

For your benefit, the essential steps to develop a website are listed below. Without these steps, it is impossible to develop a website.

Get a domain name

You can either choose an online web development site or select a freelance web developer website. Decision is yours but choose wisely. If you want to know more about these online web development tools and develop website for free, click this link (link of previous article on free website maker). After choosing the domain name, you have to register it too.

Select a web hosting service

It is up to you to choose a separate web hosting party or select the online website development tools which also offer web hosting.

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Source: GoDaddy

Create a prototype of your website

We've discussed earlier on why and how to create a website prototype.

Create content for the website

This is a tricky part as you have to consider the SEO optimisation rules when preparing content. It is better to hire a professional SEO writer than writing it yourself. It is necessary for ranking your website on the first page of Google. If you choose a freelance web developer website, then hiring SEO writers will be part of the deal.

Develop a website using a web development site

This is the most important step as you have to choose the right theme and templates from the library to customize your website. Moreover, selecting the font size, colour, page layout, and all other details play a crucial role in making a website successful.

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After following all the above mentioned steps, you now have to launch your website officially representing the personal blog of brand. However, if you are business owner and you want to build a shop online, then this may not be your step. You have to set up an online store before launching your website online. In this way, developing a website from scratch would be an easy job. It is recommended to use website development tools because of their time-efficient and cost-effective aspects. The most popular reasons of using these online web development sites are discussed below:

1: Tons of Free Themes and Templates

If you have developed a website before, you know the importance of themes and lots of templates. Without user-friendly and attractive features, your website won't be able to attract customers. Additionally, it is important to customise your website so that visitors would identify it easily and remember it. That's why web development sites have become a necessity in today's world.

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2: Quick and Effective Way of Creating Website

People who don't have time to spend on developing a website from scratch should choose these websites to save time. The professional built-in templates, themes, and tons of widgets can help you create your website. No time would be wasted because of drag and drop feature they offer. All you have to do is to write your customize content along with images and press the publish button. That's it! No waste of time, no technical difficulties. Zilch!

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3: Develop a Website in Limited Budget

After going through the above article, you may aware of the importance of SEO content and who can write it. If you are choosing an online web development site, then you'll be able to save money by using either the free plan or a cheap premium package. Moreover, hiring a separate SEO content writer would be possible because of saved money. This is main reason why people are going towards web development tools instead of a freelance web developer website. So go ahead and choose a suitable plan as per your business requirements.